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How To Track Multiple Conversion Actions With Adwords Conversion

How To Track Multiple Conversion Actions With Adwords Conversion

By on Feb 8, 2014 in Advertising |

Here’s something you need to think about, if you have not tracked any micro or macro conversions while doing business then you are doing it all wrong because you should be. If the reason why you didn’t track your conversions is because you find it complicated well, I have good news for you because now with the updated version of AdWords you can track both conversions without that much effort. Tracking macro and micro conversions allow you to glean important data on the performance of your keywords as well as your ads. With the newest conversion tracking reporting column it is easy for you to section micro conversions and macro conversions.

R2i says that before this big update change, tracing non-conversion activities as conversions in AdWords would have an effect on conversion totals all over the entire account. This recent update will allow marketers to track down any additional actions without affecting key conversion metrics. To be able to monitor true sales conversions or what we’d like to call macro conversions, in AdWords, you have to make sure that you have chosen those conversions for optimization. This option can be found at the bottom of your screen when you are about to edit or create a conversion. Any activity that has its optimization turned on will reflect in the Conversions column.

If you have conversions or micro conversions that do not have a direct impact on your company turn their optimization option off. You can still view the reports from these conversions if you want to alongside other macro conversions in the All Conversions column.

The secret is to set up micro conversions for any activity that you would like to track down that does not have a direct link to a...

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