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How You Can Globalize Your Inbound Marketing Efforts For Your Business

How You Can Globalize Your Inbound Marketing Efforts For Your Business

By on Dec 15, 2015 in Inbound Marketing |

The majority of inbound marketing is about getting referrals from social media channels and Google. So take, for instance, if your business does not have a Twitter account handle that speaks Spanish eloquently and if you failed to optimize your keywords in French you are less likely going to attract those target markets no matter how compelling your content is.

But here’s the good news, even if initially you’ll think that it’s going to be a struggle to attempt to widen your scope in inbound marketing at a global scale, the truth of the matter is, it really isn’t that hard. Sometimes all there is left to it is to localize whatever content you have instead of producing new content and start from the very beginning.


Optimize Landing Pages And Blog Posts

After you’ve created a website, localized it and employed a global SEO your next move is to consider how you are going to translate all of your generated content for your local market. You don’t necessarily have to translate every article in your website. The decision is up to the company as to which posts has the most pull in a different country.

Given that you have already managed to compile a number of blog posts all ready for your target market, your next move is to find a publication and dispersal strategy. Let’s say you have around fifteen to twenty blog posts, you can publish at least two per week for the next sixty days. Every time you publish a blog post you can enhance it through your existing social media accounts or you can use paid social promotions through Twitter and LinkedIn to reach different audiences in various countries. When you localize your social media campaigns you don’t have to create new social media accounts, it’s just a matter of scheduling your contents appropriately.


Sales, Lead Nurture And Email

After you have established traffic coming from your new market into your website your next move is to create a lead nurture funnel. Normally the first step begins with an email address acquired through premium content, a free trial or a quote form. Based from the emails gathered the inbound marketing team should build a lead nurture flow that continuously sends out engaging and relevant content to the country in question. As soon as the email flow is established you should then monitor the engagement from the leads. You can assign a sales team to contact anyone who looks interest in the product or service you are selling or you could do a string of sales email to further lure new customers.

If you’ve read this entire post you’ll notice that a global inbound marketing tactic is really a local one. If you build a personal experience with amazing localized content you are proving to your client base that your company will do whatever it takes to ensure that your products and services are best for them.


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