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Fundamental Conversion Optimization Procedures That Enhance Your Landing Pages

Fundamental Conversion Optimization Procedures That Enhance Your Landing Pages

By on Nov 5, 2012 in Marketing Fundamentals |

Even though there are tons of tested and tried conversion optimization procedures to help improve landing pages, allow this blog to explain some of the most fundamental yet the most powerful ones available.


Create A Noticeable Call To Action Right Above The Fold

Wikipedia got this right though as it had a clear call to action strategically placed right above the fold (the place where a reader scrolls down the screen to continue reading). However, oddly, all of the calls to action on Wikipedia’s landing page were somehow understated. For some reason I didn’t feel the need to click on the “Read more” or to even make an effort to hover my mouse over the teeny Zip code box.

Ideally, call to action boxes should be pressing, loud and proud. A landing page copy is very important that even a single word can already increase click-through rates to up to ninety percent or more as well as having the right contrasting color as this too can either make or break a deal.


Utilize Contrasting Colors

Color psychology is not at all static, contrary to what other marketers believe. Red can be an excellent color for a call-to-action icon, this, of course, will depend on the background and setting of your page Try to picture out two call-to-action buttons, one is red with the other is green. The red button had an increase in conversions of up to thirty-four percent compared to the green button of over six hundred visits.

HubSpot also did a more or less similar test with having red and green buttons of nearly two thousand visits and discovered a twenty-one percent increase all in the favor of the red buttons. But this does not mean green buttons are bad. Ultimately the color isn’t really the factor that compels visitors to heed to the landing page’s call to action but rather what it contrasts with and how it stands out from the rest of the page. This is also true for a landing page design in general. Like in the case of Wikipedia, the text worked because it followed the contrasting colors principle even if it’s only black text over a white background.


Display Your Logo Prominently

In our example, Wikipedia did the right thing about the logo since it made it glaringly huge.


Try To Incorporate A Video Into Your Landing Page

The majority of landing pages can benefit from videos. I know that videos are going to cost you money and there’s always the possibility that it might not even be worth it especially if you are already shelling out cash for the A/B testing on top of the strict turnaround deadlines. But let me just clarify that short-form videos are not that costly and the great part about it is that you can even make it real quick. Marketing via videos has proven one too many times that it will lead to conversion. According to a study, videos have the power to increase landing page conversions up to eighty percent.


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