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How To Improve Your Landing Page Design To Raise Conversions

How To Improve Your Landing Page Design To Raise Conversions

By on Mar 23, 2014 in Conversions |

There was a time when Wikipedia used a landing page to thank their readers as well as the whole online community for participating in the Wikipedia Blackout as a sign of opposition against a couple of proposed laws in the US Congress: the Protect IP Act or the PIPA and the Stop Online Piracy Act or the SOPA.

At the very bottom of the said landing page, you will see that Wikipedia pleaded their readers to type in their Zip codes so they can find their respective US representatives and contact them so they can vote against the said bills. It was indeed very effective since over eight million people keyed in their Zip codes and around three million people emailed the congress to oppose the bills.

After all the protests were made, the PIPA and the SOPA bills were halted in its tracks. The lawmakers clambered to placate the general public and eventually ended up pitching in denouncing the laws.

However, the funny thing about that particular landing page was that it was not optimized. The “Thank You” message made by Wikipedia could be improved in a lot of ways and it could have been tested so it can garner more readers to find their respective representatives and investigate matters further.


Make It Concise

The landing page Wikipedia made wasn’t personalized in fact it didn’t look like a heartfelt note, which was perfectly understandable especially if you try to look at its proposed call to action.

I’m pretty certain Wikipedia hired a writer, a professional writer at that, to create that note. However, the question is did the writer consider the right length for that particular landing page? It may look nice in one page but did the professional writer realize that the logo of Wikipedia occupied half of the page? You see, lengthy notes do not always mean you’ll get high click-through rates. If you...

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